I was born in Getxo, Spain, in the land of wonder that is the Basque Country, between the mountains and the sea. I was an avid reader growing up, and quite inclined to the performing arts, especially theater and music. Most of my memories of that time involve playing piano and reading Enid Blyton, or Cornelia Funke, or Roald Dahl – and then writing my own versions of their adventures!

Like many other kids in my generation, I was encouraged to pursue a college degree that had some use, so I went to law school thinking I could become a criminal lawyer, or a public prosecutor. I did in fact become the former, and I started my career working at one of the biggest law firms in Spain. However, my heart was always somewhere else, and after a few years I decided to follow my true passion to the entertainment industry – and all the way to LA!

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To transition from my legal background, I pursued a dual master’s in Global Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and the University of Southern California. While I was living in London, I wrote the manuscript of the story that went on to become my first published novel, Carlota París. I also worked as a script supervisor in the production of Purple Beatz (BFI 2022) and taught argumentation and public speaking to a wonderful elementary school class in Seoul (remotely, yes).

During my time in LA, I’ve focused on my career as a TV development executive, my work as a writer, and my personal quest to promote Iberian ham overseas.